Power failure investigations

DNV GL conducts investigations into the root causes of power equipment failures, providing independent analysis and recommendations


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Power failure investigation

After a power equipment failure at your plant, our experts can conduct in-depth investigations, providing you with insights into the root causes. These help prevent a recurrence of the problem, and allow you to learn from the failure to improve your processes and practices.

An impartial investigation also enables you to meet stakeholder requirements for transparency. Furthermore, if liability disputes are involved, DNV GL is known as a reputable, independent institute able to provide impartial technical evidence and analysis.

Experienced investigators & extensive facilities
Our experts carry out power failure investigations worldwide and have many years of experience. They use a standardised working protocol and follow a strict, professional code of conduct. As part of DNV GL, they can call on in-house experts in all types of equipment and network behaviour, as well as up-to-date forensic laboratories, failure analysis methods, and electrical and material tests.

Way of working
Typically, an investigation consists of three phases:

  1. fact finding
  2. failure analysis, definition and validation of a hypothesis, conclusions and recommendations
  3. implementation of recommendations

Usually, the first two stages include a scope meeting, data mining, disassembling of failed equipment in a laboratory, and electrical and material tests. In addition to analysing the failed component(s), the investigation normally extends to related secondary equipment, network behaviour prior to the failure, as well as equipment design, and maintenance and operation practices. All this is combined with the actual root cause analysis and definition of corresponding mitigation measures – if requested.

Working closely with you
Following the first fact-finding mission (which typically includes a site visit), we will discuss the exact circumstances with you before deciding on the best way to proceed.

During the evaluation, we stay in close contact with you. We work on site, and also at other relevant locations, including our own labs and those of manufacturers, where appropriate. Additionally, we usually witness investigations performed by other parties, such as a manufacturer or service provider.

Besides supplying a written report on the analysis approach, findings and recommendations, our experts can deliver a presentation in person if you wish. The reporting is fully adapted to the goal of the investigation – whether technical, managerial, safety related or insurance related.

Service availablity
Our power failure investigation service is open to all our customers. We always respond as quickly as possible, however this will depend on the availability of our experts. You can can also take out a 24/7 service agreement, which guarantees an immediate response.

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